How do I verify an Email Consultation

When a client submits an email consultation it is important that when they visit you, you verify the answers they have given and get them to sign to say that the answers are correct to the best of their knowledge. This protects you from a legal stand-point should any issues arise out of the treatment.

To do this simply go to the form they submitted, go trough the questions with them and at the bottom click on the “Verify Consultation with Client” button. This will take you to the select consultation dropdown boxes. Simply select the treatment they are having then follow the questions as normal. The first question should be “Has the client completed an email consultation for this treatment?” Click yes and follow the rest of the questions.

Can I build my own forms?

No, CWC has all the treatment forms pre-built. We have worked with Insurance Companies and BABTAC to ensure they meet the legal requirements for the treatment you are performing irrespective of which brand it may be. We can add generic questions to forms but cannot personalise forms to suit an individual salon/clinic.

There is a treatment I do that is not on the lists of consultation forms?

Just inform us of the treatment and we can build and have the form available for you to use within 72 hours.

How many consultation forms are built into the system?

We have a huge library of generic and branded consultation forms available to you to use, simply choose which forms are relevant to you or your business from within your admin area.

Branded forms can easily be created from within the system and we have forms for all types of beauty, aesthetic, hair and general admin forms. We can also create forms and add them to the portal within 72 hours!

How do I start a client consultation?

Simply login, click on Pick Client, search for and select your client or enter their details, click on start then choose the consultation form you require from your own selected list of treatments.

For information about what we do with personal data see our Privacy Notice

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