How do I verify an Email Consultation

When a client submits an email consultation it is important that when they visit you, you verify the answers they have given and get them to sign to say that the answers are correct to the best of their knowledge. This protects you from a legal stand-point should any issues arise out of the treatment.

To do this simply go to the form they submitted, go trough the questions with them and at the bottom click on the “Verify Consultation with Client” button. This will take you to the select consultation dropdown boxes. Simply select the treatment they are having then follow the questions as normal. The first question should be “Has the client completed an email consultation for this treatment?” Click yes and follow the rest of the questions.

Can I build my own forms?

No, CWC has all the treatment forms pre-built. We have worked with Insurance Companies and BABTAC to ensure they meet the legal requirements for the treatment you are performing irrespective of which brand it may be. We can add generic questions to forms but cannot personalise forms to suit an individual salon/clinic.

How do I send my client a Pre-Visit Consultation Form!

Pre-visit forms are fantastic for stopping clients coming for a treatment where they may have a contra-indication, it also gives you the opportunity to prepare better for that client allowing you to tailor their visit to suit their needs and concerns.

To send a previsit form, click on clients, search for your client then click on their name to open the client record card. Click on the Send Consultation Form button. Then simply choose the treatment they are having. Once your client completes the form online, it will appear in the Client Record Card. When they come for their treatment you simply go through the form with them and verify that everything is as they have answered.

How do I perform a consultation?

From your Dashboard you can either click on Start Consultation at the top, search for your client, add them if they are not already in the system, once found click on the client to start the consultation, then just choose the treatment type followed by the actual treatment. The form will then load and simply follow the form as it guides you through the consultation.

Where do I login to the Portal

To login, simply go to https://portal.consultwithconfidence.com/login. Use your email address and password to login. You should save this URL to your homescreen or desktop for easy and fast access back to the portal.

How do I add or amend Therapist/Login Details

From within your Dashboard click on the large Therapists box, from here you can add a new Therapist/Login, change their password and email addresses, clock them in and out or work or archive them.

How do I create a branded form?

From your settings, go to the Branded Forms dropdown section at the bottom. Choose the treatment form, click Add Branded Form then at the bottom input the brand name, then just click on Save Settings to save the treatment forms you have selected or created within the branded forms section.

How do I select my treatment forms?

From your Dashboard, click on the 3 lines in the top right of the screen and then click on settings. Scroll down and select the dropbox menu that relates to the type of treatment form you require. Click on the buttons to turn the forms you require to green. Scroll down to the bottom and click on Save Settings.

How do I brand my login?

Once you have logged in, from your Dashboard, click on the 3 lines in the top right of the screen and then click on settings. From here you can add your logo and choose primary and secondary colours. Uploading a logo will add your logo to your aftercare emails that go out to clients. Scroll down to the bottom and click on Save Settings.

What happens if a Therapist leaves my business?

All you need to do is click on that Therapists profile and click on Archive. This will put that Therapist on a separate list. You can still view all there consultations and if they return to your business you can just un-archive them.

Can I add all my existing clients to the system?

Yes, all we require is a CSV file that contains your clients names and email addresses, you can usually export these from any existing appointment software. We can also offer free support in respect of this.

Can I add or amend notes on a consultation?

You can add notes and images to a consultation at any time after the initial form has been submitted, you cannot amend or delete any notes once they have been added.

What happens if the website goes down?

As CWC is a live working platform we have measures in place to ensure it stays live with 24/7 support 365 days a year, including a live chat support facility on this website.

Does Brexit make GDPR redundant?

No, the UK Government has already stated that they will be adopting GDPR as legislation irrespective of Brexit.

What is the General Data Protection Regulation that comes into force in 2018?

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the result of four years of work by the EU to bring data protection legislation into line with new, previously unforeseen ways that data is now used.

Currently, the UK relies on the Data Protection Act 1998, which was enacted following the 1995 EU Data Protection Directive, but this will be superseded by the new legislation. It introduces tougher fines for non-compliance and breaches, and gives people more say over what companies can do with their data. It also makes data protection rules more or less identical throughout the EU.

What happens to the data if I terminate the service?

All the data is stored in accordance with the new General Data Protection Regulations, you will still have access to all your client and consultation data, you will just not be able to carry out consultations.

How do I terminate my subscription?

Although we are confident you will love the features and benefits of CWC, you can terminate your subscription at any time without any real notice period. You will just be billed for that month. To terminate just email us at mail@consultwithconfidence.com.

How safe is all of my client data?

We use Amazon Web Services which is a cloud based product used by companies such as Spotify, AirBnB & UniLever. It affords broad security certification and accreditation, data encryption at rest and in-transit, hardware security modules and strong physical security all of which contribute to data security of the highest levels. We are also registered with the Information Commission Office under the Data Protection Regulations, Registration Number: ZA303446

There is a treatment I do that is not on the lists of consultation forms?

Just inform us of the treatment and we can build and have the form available for you to use within 72 hours.

How many consultation forms are built into the system?

We have a huge library of generic and branded consultation forms available to you to use, simply choose which forms are relevant to you or your business from within your admin area.

Branded forms can easily be created from within the system and we have forms for all types of beauty, aesthetic, hair and general admin forms. We can also create forms and add them to the portal within 72 hours!

How do I start a client consultation?

Simply login, click on Pick Client, search for and select your client or enter their details, click on start then choose the consultation form you require from your own selected list of treatments.

How easy is CWC to use?

CWC has been built with simplicity in mind. Once logged in, a Therapist can be performing a client consultation within 5 simple steps. The process from signing up, to completing, viewing and adding notes or images to consultations has been built with simplicity in mind.

For information about what we do with personal data see our Privacy Notice

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