Kirstin Burgess, Belulino

Kirstin Burgess has a small salon, Belulino, in a residential area of Exeter not too far from the city centre and the historic quay.

With over 25 years in the salon industry, Kirstin first heard about Consult with Confidence via BABTAC:

My salon is the last ‘corner shop’ in the area so I feel like I’m flying the flag for that type of shop as many are sadly gone. I think of myself as a traditional salon and offer a wide range of treatments.

I like to keep my relaxation treatments holistic rather than high tech so I don’t use any machines. I also like to use good brands that are trusted such as CND Shellac, Monu skin care, Waxperts Wax, Sterex and Shared Beauty Secrets Lava Shells as well as Jane Iredale Mineral make up.

I have been at this premises for sixteen years but more than twenty years altogether in Exeter so I have a lovely loyal client following. It is without a doubt my clients who make my job so worthwhile!

I first heard about Consult with Confidence through a BABTAC article in their regular magazine. It caught my attention straight away and it seemed a bit of a no brainier really as I’d long thought my old fashioned filing system of client details and consultations on index cards was not at all keeping up with the latest regulations in terms of keeping personal information and insurance standards.

CWC makes my life easier as I have all my clients details to hand wherever I am. It gives me and my clients peace of mind that I have checked they are safe to have any treatment.

The forms are quick and easy to fill out and I can rest easy that I’ve done all I can to ensure clients can relax enjoy their session with me.

Being able to add notes to each client record is handy so I can easily check favourite products or varnish colours or where they went on their last holiday!

The best thing about CWC is knowing my clients are safe to have each treatment and that through the consultation process I can give them the best possible experience that they need that day. It’s very personalised.

Anyone thinking about using CWC shouldn’t hesitate. Having been in the industry for over 25 years a lot has changed in terms of regulations and the CWC system ticks all the boxes for you, no stress!


Once logged in, a Therapist can be performing a client consultation within 5 simple steps. The process from signing up, to completing, viewing and adding notes or images to consultations has been built with simplicity in mind.

Nilam Holmes, Dermaspa

The Dermaspa clinic launched by Nilam and Peter Holmes in 2008 and has become one of the leading beauty, skin, aesthetic and wellness clinics outside of London.

Nilam is one of the most recognised and trusted names in the Beauty Industry and is the founder of cult brow brand HD Brows.

After nearly 8 years Dermaspa has attracted significant media coverage over the years as well as appearing on a number of TV programmes. Dermaspa is proud to have welcomed many leading musicians, actors, producers and sportsmen within the celebrity world and has maintained its reputation for professionalism and discretion with the help of Consult with Confidence.

Using Consult with Confidence means that clients are able to get information to us securely and kept confidentially.

It is important that clients complete a Medical History/Covid questionnaire and complete the consent form for any treatments or consultations before they see the therapist.

Information is sent securely direct to the email address given by the client so there is no paper forms and confidentiality is paramount at all times.

By having the client complete the forms before they come into the building, this speeds up the treatment process as the therapist is not taking time out of the booked treatment time to complete lots of forms.

Equally, if the client has recorded anything on the medical health that is Covid or health related that would affect treatment, the therapist has time to speak to the client or rebook in appointments.

The therapist then records notes on the Note paragraph section so that any concerns, product recommendations and clinical information can be recorded and kept securely on the tablets.

The tablets can be used in any room so the therapist keeps their tablet on them at all times, again, for confidentiality and health and safety.