Why Us!

As Salon Owners We Understand How You Need to Work!

Within a few weeks of opening the doors of our salon in 2014, it became apparent that having client record cards and consultations on paper was going to be a drain on time, resources and to be honest a pain for clients having to fill in different card for different treatments. To get around this we created record books for clients to record everything in. Problem Solved!!!

No! Within a few months we had hundred’s of books that had to be filed and prepare each day, some were duplicated and more often than not were filed away in the wrong place. We though that there had to be a better way of doing this and made our first venture into the world of online forms. We used a form building service to create forms for all our treatments, however they were not stored to each client and were not that easily accessible.

It was then that we decided to build our very own consultation portal to be used in the salon by our staff. It took 2 years to develop but made a huge difference to the way we operate. It has also allowed our Insurance Company to deny 2 claims where we could show that the customer had answered questions in a certain way.

Local to National Reach!

In 2016 we were fortunate enough to win both Professional Beauty and BABTAC’s UK Salon of the year awards. It was at these awards that we spoke to other salon owners and therapists who asked us about our consultation process and how we put ours together. We had many of them ask if they could also use it, it was not something we had ever thought of to be honest but once we did have a think about it there was no reason why other salons/clinics could not also use it and benefit from it.

So we once again set about rebuilding and rebranding the portal and so Consult with Confidence was created. We are now on our 2nd build and looking at adding features all the time. In March of 2020 all salons/clinics were forced to close down. We immediately cancelled all the monthly payments from those using the portal and set about adding new features like Covid-19 and forms that can be sent via email to clients before they come for a treatment.

It’s very flattering and gives us a great sense of pride that others are really getting a huge benefit and help out of using Consult with Confidence.